End of the school year and a swingin’ summer coming up……..

New Mexico gets it right.

Step into any elementary school cafeteria and you’re likely to see a scene that will make you cringe and want to reach for your wallet. Fortunately, many districts are finding ways to help students with outstanding lunch balances in a more compassionate way.  Read on for the full story.

Chris Robinson, Texas Teacher

Save the Date


We have part of your summer planned!

Victor & Penny

Join us Friday, July 21st for “A Swingin’ Beat for Hunger Relief” concert, an entertaining evening featuring Victor & Penny, a KC based duo backed by their three-piece “Loose Change Orchestra”. This tight quintet will impress you with their skill, humor and charm. Enjoy appetizers and drinks before the concert with your $40 ticket. Registration available very soon – check our facebook page for details. In the meantime, read some sparkling reviews.

Bill Cross 5k

Harvesters Donation

 Thanks to the wonderful support from our many friends and concerned northlanders, we were delighted to present our final $125,000 check to Harvesters in support of the current school year BackSnack program in the northland. A total of $375,000 supporting 1,500 of the 2,500 hungry students has been granted.

Be a Rainbow

A beautiful sentiment for this time of year. Thanks for being that rainbow for so many!!