Deep freeze got you down? These stories will warm you right up!

Many families of the children we feed had a disruption to their income resulting in a need for assistance. A job loss, a hospitalization, a car accident are common events. Recently, the government shutdown resulted in the same need for assistance for thousands of families. Here is how one state chose to help.


Mayor Bill Garnos

Thanks to the City of Gladstone and Mayor Bill Garnos for the lovely support! The northland is a big neighborhood and good neighbors take care of each other!

The Harvest Ball Society

Proud to be a recipient of funding from the Harvest Ball Society. Their mission to respond to the evolving needs of the Northland is a perfect fit for our mission!    Harvest Ball Logo 

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This is how we feel about our supporters. We may be small and individual but together, we make a huge impact – Thank you!
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