Concerts, Fireworks and Walk/Run round out our summer…..

Two and a Half Tenors concert strikes a pleasing note

Thanks to the over 200 Two and a Half Tenor fans and Feed Northland Kids supporters who joined us Tuesday, June 9 for a benefit concert! The talented and witty Tenors performed an amazing array of songs and attendees enjoyed tasty appetizers and cool drinks. Proceeds from this concert will ensure no child goes without weekend food, here in the Northland. We’re hopeful this will become an annual event!

                                                                                                                 tow and a half tenors singingcrowd shot from tenors concert

Celebrate the 4th and contribute to our cause

Visit this fireworks tent in Kearney, print and bring or show this flyer on your phone and we will receive 20% of your purchase. Additionally, the owner needs some helpl staffing the tent and each volunteer working a shift will accrue additional dollars for Feed Northland Kids – might be a fun time for some idle summer hours. Fire up YOUR summer and celebrations with some fabulous products.

              SAVE THE DATE!!

save the date Bill; Cross 2015