Coronavirus Outbreak Response

Feed Northland Kids has existed since 2009 for a singular goal – to feed children in Clay and Platte counties. With the recent Coronavirus outbreak and ensuing school closures, we have created a mobile Community Food Kit program. These kits will be provided to families in many of our Northland school districts during this time of crisis. The Community Food Kits will contain 18 to 20 shelf stable items and identified families via each school district will have access to one kit each week school is not in session. For more information on this program, watch this interview with Fox 4 news. UPDATE: The Community Food Kit program was reactivated this fall for several of our local districts.

Backsnack1,600 of our Northland elementary students take home a BackSnack each school weekend. Our unique partnership with Harvesters – the Community Food Network ensures the full current need of students is being met. We increased to two weekly BackSnacks for several of our districts who’ve requested additional food for their students. UPDATE: Children have returned to receiving one BackSnack per weekend.

Our Northland community has a unique opportunity to come together and make sure our most vulnerable members have access to nutritious and consistent food. We welcome your financial donations to continue to “feed our future”! Please visit our donation link for a menu of options.