Food is foremost in many minds this Spring

Coping with rising food prices

Consumers are facing the highest annual grocery price increases in a decade and the highest annual restaurant price increases since the early 1980s.

  • Food prices have risen at a faster average rate since the onset of the pandemic than they did over the prior decade.
  • Food prices have been extraordinarily volatile throughout the pandemic.
  • Meat price changes have been a primary driver of overall food price increases.
  • Agricultural commodity prices have increased.
  • Heightened consumer demand has contributed to food price increases.
  • Wage rates in the food industry have significantly risen over the course of the pandemic and these higher wages get reflected in higher food prices.
  • Food isn’t necessarily less affordable — especially when considering a longer horizon.

For a deeper look into each of these insights read the full article.

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 Our Community Food Kit program finds a unique home in the Liberty school district

Special needs students at Liberty High School have been an integral piece of our Community Food Kit program for the 2021-2022 school year for the Liberty School District. Students learn practical skills and work as a team each week. Watch this great video to see them in action!

Curious about your finances in this topsy turvy time?

Join our friends with  Integrated Financial Solutions of Kansas City on 3/22 at 7 pm for an informative seminar called “The Revolving Financial Pyramid” which is based on real-world life experiences that we never think of until it happens. It covers various topics from Risk Management & Budgeting to Estate Planning to Investments and Retirement.

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