Food for Thought Pantries

pantry_CollageIntroducing Feed Northland Kids’ newest effort to defeat hunger: a food pantry program called Food For Thought. We all know that having food to eat helps us behave better — and think better. Feed Northland Kids is putting this into action by providing Food For Thought pantries at Northland middle and high schools.

Winnetonka High School  |  Park Hill High School  |  Park Hill South High School  |  LEAD Innovation Studio  |  Lakeview Middle School  |  Plaza Middle School

Winnetonka High School

The pantry at Winnetonka was the first Food for Thought pantry established. In its inaugural year (2018), the pantry provided over 2,000 pounds of food to 100+ students and 30+ families. A unique request for this pantry is Spam, a non-traditional product but a staple in the diets of frequent student visitors. Winnetonka’s functional Special Education class assists with inventorying and stocking needs.

For more information on Winnetonka’s Food for Thought pantry, please contact Shelly Meinke at


Park Hill High School

Park Hill houses their pantry in two large cabinets as shown below. The product mix is tailored to the needs and preferences of the students and families who access the pantry on a regular basis. Mini meals are a component of this pantry, and were created by request of the administration and students.

For more information on Park Hill’s Food for Thought pantry, contact Tori Tipton at

pantry_ParkHill1  Park Hill Pantry

Park Hill South High School


Park Hill South Pantry

Park Hill South houses their pantry in two large cabinets as shown above. The preferred product mix is heavy on ready-to-eat breakfast items and easily microwavable lunch items. To facilitate the lunch options, a microwave is provided. Park Hill South’s functional Special Education class assists with inventorying and stocking needs.

For more information on Park Hill South’s Food for Thought pantry, contact Lauren Caldwell at

LEAD Innovation Studio

The LEAD Innovation Studio locates their pantry in a large cabinet nestled in a hallway alcove. The most-accessed foods are individual breakfast items and easy-to-prepare lunch items. The school nurse keeps an electric kettle ready for such meals.

For more information on LEAD’s Food for Thought pantry, contact Amanda Shanks at


Lakeview Middle School

Lakeview Middle School uses a multi-drawer cabinet for their pantry. Mini meals, granola bars, pop tarts, high protein lunch items and snacks are tucked into several niches and easily accessible via the social worker’s office. Breakfast items are requested most often.

For more information on Lakeview’s Food for Thought pantry, contact Jill Hazell at


Plaza Middle School

Plaza Middle School has limited space, but able to designate a few drawers in a large filing cabinet within the social worker’s office. Mini meals are popular, as are individual ready-to-eat breakfast items. This pantry is re-stocked quite often, ensuring enough product is available.

For more information on Plaza’s Food for Thought pantry, contact Ashley Shroyer at

pantry_Plaza1  pantry_Plaza2

If you’d like to contribute to any of our Food for Thought pantries, please contact us or see our donate page.