Love is shown in many ways right here in the Northland

School lunches will receive several proposed changes by the fall of 2025. 

These changes are designed to improve the food offerings for students. Read the details here.

We really like this statement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “Our commitment to the school meal programs comes from a common goal we all share — keeping kids healthy and helping them reach their full potential” That sounds quite familiar!

Curious how many school lunches are served each day? Here’s an overview of the history and current numbers of lunches served daily.

Generous students (and their parents) packed 40 sack lunches for our “Food for Thought” pantries. What a great way to be a valentine to some hungry kids!

Another great example that no matter our age, we can help those in need. 

Lots of fun things planned for this 5th annual event!
Note the day change to a Saturday with a start/stop
at Worth Harley Davidson on I-29!

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Thanks for the many ways you show love to our community
through donating dollars, food or time. You truly are OUR Valentine!