New school year, New partners and the return of some oldies but goodies…

bill cross fun run logocouple high fiving blue 2015 5k

Registration site for our 6th annual 5K is live! October 9, 8 am, Zona Rosa. Sign up now, create a team and begin raising funds to feed our northland kids!!…/2016-bill-cross-5k-walkrun-for-bac…

welcome back to school pic     School has begun, BackSnacks will begin going home soon. Enjoy this welcome back letter from a midwest school superintendent making the rounds

An Open Letter to All Rockwood Staff Members

From Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost

It’s the evening before the start of yet another school year, a very familiar time when I tend to reflect on what we do specifically as educators. Amidst all the turmoil and confusion in our world, the fighting, arguing and political discourse, one thing remains absolutely certain…. Tomorrow, thousands and thousands of kids will descend upon our schools, and we will be here to welcome them with open arms. Not some of them, all of them.

They may walk, drive, arrive on our new school buses or get dropped off. The type of home life they leave behind doesn’t matter, their socioeconomic status, the color of their skin, their family situation and so many other factors just do not matter. We must and we will accept them all regardless.

Our students represent a true cross section of our world. Each child will come with their own background and their own experiences making them very unique in their perspectives. Like us, students are in pursuit of happiness even though it will not always be evident. Some will learn on auto-pilot while others will struggle and may appear to resist our efforts. Some will even fight us. Through it all, we may represent their only hope for a chance to thrive in this world.

Most aren’t coming to us with dreams of scoring well on standardized tests. They come to us needing champions. They come in need of trust, security and relentless acceptance no matter their situation, no matter their perspective and no matter the mistakes they’ve made. We are their role models. It will be our actions, reactions, words and body language that leave the lasting impressions. We will celebrate successes, and we will cry through heart-breaking disappointments. At times it will be undeniably difficult and maybe even painful, yet the reason they are here doesn’t change. They need happiness and they need hope… hope for a future. That’s our challenge, that’s our goal, that’s education, and that’s a very beautiful thing.

I wish you all a wonderful start to the 2016-17 school year, and I thank you for your continued commitment to all kids. Please know, regardless of your role in this district, I am your biggest fan. Sincerely, Eric

A trio of tidbits………..

It takes many partners to raise funds to feed our northland kids. Enjoy these pics from our wonderful friends at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. Their VBS adopted our mission and we were there for their closing night.     

 pvb 2016 closing ceremony stage area 2 

           energetic singing

pvb coin collection signs

   coin collection from the kids

pvb 2016 vbs celebration with giant check 

         the fantastic results

 $1,000n donation in $1 bills, close up 

  $1,000 all in $1 bills, one donor

We are an enrolled Thrivent Choice® organization.   This means, eligible Thrivent members can direct Choice Dollars® to our organization to help support our mission. Look for us in the Thrivent Choice online catalog and direct Choice Dollars today!!



  Mr. Electric of Kansas City Northland promoting and donating entire month of August

Our Northland Mr Electric office is partnering with Feed Northland Kids during the Back to School month of August.
(1) Every customer can round up their invoice and we will provide a matching donation
(2) For every new “like” for our page in Aug we will donate a $1
(3) For every “share” of this post we will donate a $1
* All donations subject to a maximum match
Mr. Electric Northland


Our great friends with Briarcliff Development and the Village of Briarcliff helped design and are selling our new tshirt. You can purchase on-line or in person at Made in KC or Kaldi Coffee in the Village of Briarcliff.

made in kc signmade in kc pic of shirt, front and back