Northland needs assessment five years ago was our catalyst



We are often asked, “How did Feed Northland Kids begin?”  Our group came together in mid 2009 after a needs assessment for Clay and Platte county revealed childhood hunger  as the number one issue in the Northland. A small group, backed by the Northland Community Foundation formed, solutions were investigated and a partnership began with Harvesters, to expand the BackSnack program in Clay and Platte county.

But, how about the entire BackSnack program? Harvesters began the BackSnack program in 2004 after Feeding America, a national network of about 200 food banks, introduced the idea across the country. That first year of the program in 2004, Harvesters provided 65 students with BackSnacks throughout the school year. That number has grown to 20,000 at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.

Upcoming Events: The 4th annual Bill Cross 5K Run/Walk for BackSnacks is scheduled

Plan on joining us for our fourth annual run.  It will take place Sunday, October 12th at 8 am at Zona Rosa. We’re expanding our kids .5K to include more schools.  Begin thinking about who you can invite to join you or sponsor your efforts. Our newly designed run website should be ready soon. Want to begin training? Look for a couch to 5K app in our next post.

Where is Buddy?

 A few days ago I posted the first picture in our series entitled “Where is Buddy?” If you’ve been reading our various posts    these past several months, you will recall where this might be taking place. We take very good care of Buddy and he needs  a dazzling smile to express his appreciation for all the support all of you give! We’re proud to report he did not need any nitrous oxide to survive, and NO cavities. We need more of you to check into our facebook page regularly, so you’ll be able  to play along. Go to our facebook page for the answer!