Our version of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”. Think we’ll last 50 years?

Fantastic examples of Mister Rogers legacy abound here in the Northland!


So many of us grew up watching Fred Rogers on PBS, and introduced our children and possibly our grandchildren to his gentle instruction and encouragement.  We’ve often said the Northland is a big neighborhood and good neighbors take care of each other.  In honor of the Feb. 19th, 50 year anniversary of the broadcast of the show, here are 5 things Mr. Rogers can still teach us.

Fred Rogers


What can be more neighborly than preparing food for those who don’t have enough to eat?

Our fantastic friends at Re/Max Results joined many others for our recent Northland Night at Harvesters and created this great video.


Sharing an awesome talent to benefit others

As Mr. Rogers would demonstrate, we all have gifts we can use to help others. JoeRay Kelley is an amazing artist who used his considerable skills to create this beautiful painting, offering it as an auction item during a small works show at Cathy Kline’s art gallery. Our friend Steve, who volunteers to pack BackSnacks, was the highest bidder and was thrilled he could find another way to help with our mission! Another confirmation of the big neighborhood we live in here in the Northland.

It’s a beautiful day for a concert 

Save the date and plan to join us to enjoy this 75-voice choir. Your financial donations will help us feed more children in Clay and Platte counties.

KC Metro Men's Chorus