Welcome to the first official blog for Feed Northland Kids!

Our efforts, here at Feed Northland Kids are growing and accomplishing many things each month. In an effort to keep our supporters engaged and informed, we’re adding a blog component to our new website. We’ll be inviting you to understand our mission and become an advocate for our cause; Look for:

  • timely updates about upcoming events
  • education about hunger and the life-altering results for too many with too little food
  • encouraging true stories about those we are feeding
  • opportunities to reach out into your network of family, friends and co-workers
  • Profiles of those joining our efforts
  • Adventures with “buddy”, our traveling BackSnack.

Feed Northland Kids began mid-summer 2009 with a very simple goal – to feed our hungry children living in Clay and Platte counties in Missouri. In our next installment, learn how many we’ve impacted, how those lives have changed and about some exciting new partnerships.


One in Five children in the Northland live in a food insecure home.