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We Feed Northland Kids

Feed Northland Kids serves children and youth by providing the nourishment they need to grow, learn, and thrive.   

More than 11,000 children in Kansas City’s Northland communities struggle with food insecurity, meaning that they lack reliable access to enough affordable and nutritious food to support their health and development. Food insecurity presents daily physical and emotional stresses to these kids and their families.

Our Community Food Kits, which include non-perishable staples, fresh produce, and ground beef, support the needs of entire families.  Our in-school pantries provide students ready-to-eat food and snacks, plus items they can take home and share.  And we continue to s through our long-standing partnership with Harvesters.  Your support helps the food-insecure kids here in Clay and Platte Counties get the nutrition they need to reach their full potential.